I’m a journalism student who is still learning how to cook. I moved to Canada in 2007 and I can say that back in Brazil I never cooked anything more elaborated than eggs. My mom was the chef there, she never liked to cook but always did out of obligation. Even though she felt it was more like a chore she cooked really well. She takes pride saying that everything she makes tastes amazing. She always tried to teach me but I was never interested in learning this awful thing that she hated so much. Then I arrived in Canada. 

I wanted to help my new husband, David, as much as I could but I didn’t know how. I called my mom many times to ask silly things such as,  Is it OK to put a ceramic pot on the oven? How do I peel cassava? David taught me how to cut chicken, I never had touched raw meat before, he asked to do some cutting for him and other things. I don’t even need to say who is the chef here, huh? He knows a lot and takes joy on cooking. He buys culinary books, watches cooking shows and even enjoys shopping as long as it is for new ingredients. Every time I learn something new and he says “now you will have to cook this every week” is a big deal for me.

So he was the one who came up with this blog idea “to photograph our dinners everyday for 1 year.” It would be a great chance to me to take pictures every day and to see how well we eat.

So this is it. Hopefully it will be a yummy year. Enjoy it.