Pirao, rice and fish


Teriyaki Salmon

David's Gumbo

 so hard to take a good picture of this dish. I took more than 20 and this was the best :S The taste was so good that makes me angry to have this picture in the blog.  We had fish, shrimps, red potatoes, corn, carrots, celery ..  cooked to perfection mmmmm

Tuna Steak, Fries, Rice..

something I had almost every meal was tuna. My quote of mercury is over for the next year or two 😛 there were cooks grilling fresh tuna for you at every restaurant mmmm so good

Fish and Chips

Curry and Lime Fish Fillet with Coconut Rice

Again I totally reccomend the Reef restaurant in Vancouver. Not only dinner was yummy but they serve some corn breads (Johnny Cakes) with mango butter that are amazing!!

Lemon-Herb Fish with Mashed Potatoes

Lemon-Herb Fish with Mashed Potatoes

as I’m in vacation I will be cooking this week everyday. Today I made fish with an herb seasoning sample that I got on the mail 😛 I added more spices, lemon juice and onions and I baked it for 12 minutes. The only thing I didn’t know how to make it was hollandaise sauce, and David really wanted it with the broccoli then he made it for us 😀

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