Limon and Herb Chicken, Peri Fries and Spiced Rice

yummy dinner from Nando’s Chicken! They have this full pack that is perfect for us, even though it is intended for two adults and one kid… Anyway, it comes with one bbq chicken, two large sides and three Portuguese buns mmmm  It was a lot of food (mainly chicken) so I had it again for lunch the next day.   


Poutine and Burger

so good………

Bacon Hamburger with Fries

I’m keeping my promisse and staying away from McDonalds. Such a hard goal but I’m sticking to it. Very proud of myself 😛 Just kidding.

Hamburger and Fries

Christmas day dinner in Cancun with some coke…. perfect 😛

Tuna Steak, Fries, Rice..

something I had almost every meal was tuna. My quote of mercury is over for the next year or two 😛 there were cooks grilling fresh tuna for you at every restaurant mmmm so good

Fish and Chips

Burger, Fries and Orange Juice

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