Fried Ham, Macaroni and Asparagus


Ham Spaghetti

Macaroni and Cheese, Ham and Green Beans

Ham, Scalloped potatoes, Asparagus and Beets

scalloped potatoes are the best! I don’t know why David never introduced it to me before… such a perfect idea for cooking potatoes.  Cheesy, creamy potatoes.. mmmmmm

Fried Ham, Macaroni and Cheese and Asparagus

Fried Ham with Macaroni

Even though I cant stand Kraft dinner lately David added some extra cheddar cheese…. and I have to say it was delicious combined with ham 😛

Turkey, Ham, Potato Salad and Stuffing

Turkey, Ham, Potato Salad and Stuffing

this was our Thanksgiving dinner/lunch. Everything was delicious!

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