Poutine and Burger

so good………


Bacon Hamburger with Fries

I’m keeping my promisse and staying away from McDonalds. Such a hard goal but I’m sticking to it. Very proud of myself 😛 Just kidding.


Hamburger and Poutine

totally lazy night…. after a long day at school I had no plans to cook anything and David felt the same. Then we went for our fast food hunt that always end up somewhere that serves hamburgers. I guess I can blame Kamloops or our apartment location. Once we leave our building the first places we see are Mcdonalds, A&W and Wendys. In this exact order! If we drive a little bit more there is a Chinese fast food place… but when you hungry and tired blah

Big Mac

last big mac of the year.. I dont even want to know how many I had

Hamburger and Fries

Christmas day dinner in Cancun with some coke…. perfect 😛

Burger, Fries and Orange Juice

Angus Burger with Fries

 After eating this hamburger I felt as I was going to explode.  I think I will stick to my Big Mac from now on… in rare occasion of course 😛

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