Salami Creamy Pasta


Fried Ham, Macaroni and Asparagus

Gnocchi and Fried Chicken

we didn’t make this gnocchi from scratch, which was good because the only time we tried it didn’t turn out very good. It seems gnocchi takes lots trial and error to get it right… For now I think we are sticking with the brand we bought at Superstore, Larosa Gnocchi Con Patate.

Salami Spaghetti

this is now our busy-nights dinner. We always have salami on the fridge that we use for sandwiches, then David chopped and cooked it with olive oil and served with spaghetti. Simple like that. Super fast and yummy. Perfect for those Mondays you can’t think about anything 😛

Bolognese Spaghetti

Tomato Pasta with Fried Chicken

delicious chicken! I asked David what he did differently because for the time it was really crunch even after hours (I had class until late :P) and he said this time he left the oil to get hotter. I thought he always did that because the first time I attempted to fry fish and turned out horrible he was the one who explained I didn’t let the oil to get hot enough. 😛 Anyways he emphasized later “A LOT hotter”.

Steamed Noodles and Beef Teriyaki

I don’t think we ever used ground beef to make stir fried before so it was kind of a surprise when it turned out so yummy. I packed my pink container with the left overs to take it to school tomorrow:P

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