Hamburger and Fries

Christmas day dinner in Cancun with some coke…. perfect đŸ˜›


Surf and Turf

This Mediterranean  restaurant was one of the resort’s restaurants where you need reservation to get in. But what I have to say is that sucks not to knowing English that well. So I had NO idea what turf meant đŸ˜›Â  After I had read “steak fillet” on the menu, I was sure that it meant fish fillet!! duhh Anyways I really didn’t want beef so dinner was kind of blah…

Curry and Lime Fish Fillet with Coconut Rice

Again I totally reccomend the Reef restaurant in Vancouver. Not only dinner was yummy but they serve some corn breads (Johnny Cakes) with mango butter that are amazing!!

Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken Quesadillas

Salsibury Steak with Baked Potatoes

Salsibury Steak with Baked Potatoes

we had dinner at a family restaurant in Kamloops called Harold’s. This was the first time I had Salisbury steak and I thought it was really yummy even though I could not finish it, for obvious reasons đŸ˜›

Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

Grilled Chicken and Bacon Sandwich

dinner at Bad Paul’s in Revelstock

Bishop's Hamburger

Bishop's Burger

not wanting to sell White Spot here, but this burger was perfect…

“6 oz. beef patty with grilled and marinated sweet golden bell peppers and red onions, basil goat cheese, lettuce and mayo. Creamy coleslaw and ‘endless’ fries”

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