Chicken Chipotle and Veggie Goat Cheese Pizzas

these pizzas were really good but we can’t be proud about Panago’s pizzas. 😛 This time we ordered (I know it sounding like a Panago ad) chicken chipotle and the veggie pizza we loved last time. I don’t know why but their quality standards are very poor. This time the veggie pizza was mediocre I don’t even remember why I liked it before. The chicken one was good, even though was not a Brazilian Chicken Catupiry 😛 The best chicken pizza in the world, hard to understand why David said it was like having chicken and mayonesse on top of a pizza! Crazy talk!


Chicken Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Pork, Deep Fried Chicken and Vegetables

nobody wanted to cook so we ordered some Chinese food. It was pretty good and we had lots of left over for lunch 😀

Pepperoni and Veggie Goat Cheese Pizzas

This veggie goat cheese pizza is really good. We were fighting for its last slices, first time we forgot about the pepperoni one (which we lovee).

Big Mac

last big mac of the year.. I dont even want to know how many I had

Chorizo and Goat Cheese Pizza

Chicken Parmesan, Rice and Potatoes

take out from Jimmy the Greek in Surrey… very good!

Big Mac with Fries

Big Mac with Fries

it seems that every Monday we are caught up without a dinner plan. Then we always end up doing the worse, stopping at Mcdonalds on our way home from work/school and having yummy big macs :S That is gonna change……..

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