I feel bad I had abandoned my blog for months and months but I know that I had reasons, good reasons. It was not enough to move to a new country with new language but I decided to get a Bachelor in Journalism, that sucks the time out of my life. Not only that, but this summer I was supposed to get a (mandatory) internship and around that time, when I wasn’t getting ANY offers, I really abandoned the blog and focused on getting that done.

I found an internship but then there was no time to do anything else, too much to learn and do. Not to mention it was  summer (still is), so I tried to enjoy it a bit. 

I still have photos to post, but I’m not even sure if I will do it here. I want to get a new blog and start my last year of school with everything fresh. A blog about a universitary girl who is finishing school and needs to find out about what she wants to do with it. Mundane posts about meals, activities, my city… everything I face next.

See you there

Hot Dog Hash

Julia Child's Sauteed Beef and Mushrooms

Burger, Fries and JUICE

focus on the orange juice, please 😛


I have to say that ratatouille goes way better with meat! Too many vegetables for one meal 😛 We will take one long until next time we prepare it again

Beef Stew, Potatoes, Rice..

This dinner was at a buffet in an all inclusive resort so I had diverse helpings with food that I can’t even name 😛

we were still very sick… no plans to cook, take pictures or eat anything elaborated

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